Morrisette Menagerie
Welcome to Morrisette Menagerie

I have always loved horses!  My first love was a 15.2 hh Leopard Appaloosa with one blue eye. Since 1985 I have had full size horses as part of the family.   

In December 2008, we brought home our first miniature horse.  She was bought to keep at our house, so our big horses would have a companion if one had to come home. She won all of our hearts.   

Now, we have several beautiful liitle girls and a handsome boy.  We enjoy them so much!

We have enjoyed sharing our little ones with our local Y kids, our elementary school, and our neighbors.

We have some with bloodlines from Dell Tera, Toyland, and Gold Melody Boy.

We are breeding to ensure good conformation, beautiful color, and wonderful dispositions. You will not find a friendlier, better disposition than these horses.  We are a small farm, so they get lots of attention and love.

If you have questions about my little ones, or minis in general, please email me at  

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